H.E. Judge Mr Masoud Mohamed Al Ameri, President of the Supreme Judiciary Council, approved the Annual Statistical Statement of cases considered before courts of all levels and the actions taken in these last year. According to this statement, 96,664 cases were heard before court circuits of all levels in 2015, 80,933 of which were decided (84% compared with 82% in 2014).

An increase is noted in the n​umber of cases heard, compared with those heard in 2014, in all kinds of cases. This increase of 7,563 cases was accompanied by an increase of 7,735 judgments.

It is to be noted that 99% of cheques-related cases were decided, in addition to a high percentage of traffic cases (96%) and environmental cases (96%).

Furthermore, the number of employment cases heard in 2015 increased to 1,853, 1,320 of which were decided.

The Statistical Statement also included cases that were heard during the summer months (July, August and September) in 2015, when 21,391 cases were heard (an increase of 1,483 compared to the same period during 2014, when only 19,908 cases were heard). Cases that were actually or de facto decided increased by 797, from 9708 in 2014 to 10,505 in 2015 (an increase of 0.34%).

Annual Statistical Statement 2015

Criminal Cases

These include cases filed before the Court of Cassation, the Criminal Court of Appeal, the Criminal Court, Court of Appealed Misdemeanours, Misdemeanour Court, Juvenile Court, Court of Cheques, Traffic Court, Environmental Court and Search and Follow Up Court. 58,043 criminal cases were heard before these courts, 54,492 (94%) of which were decided.

Civil Cases

22,461 civil cases were heard before the courts of all levels, 15,085 (67%) of which were decided.

Employment Cases

22,461 civil cases were heard before the courts of all levels, 15,085 (67%) of which were decided.

Family and Inheritance Cases

6,224 cases were heard before the courts, 4,583 (74%) of which were decided.

Administrative Cases

941 cases were heard before the courts, 650 (69%) of which were decided.

25,850 enforcement requests were heard before the courts.

16,275 transactions were performed by the Documentation Department in 2015.

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