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​AMIRI DIWAN - State of Qatar​

Qatar Public Prosecution

The Public Prosecution is an independent judicial body dealing with the common cases on behalf of the community. It oversees judicial affairs and ensures the application of laws.​
Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior is concerned to maintain security and public order and public morals,  to protect  lives, honor and properties to ensure the safety and security of the homeland, citizens and all those who reside in the State or enter its territory,  to take all necessary means to prevent crimes and to control them,  to organize issues of nationality and entry and residence of expatriates, and  to secure and protect important public buildings and facilities in the state.​

The role of Qatar Official e-Government Portal, Hukoomi, is to make government information and services more efficient and effective in order to be accessible to all citizens, residents, visitors and businesses. It also aims at raising awareness on the public programs, events, news and government initiatives, in line with the objectives defined by Qatar e-Government 2020 Strategy.​