The Planning and Quality Unit has the following powers and duties:

1.       Preparing the general strategic plan of the Council, in coordination with the competent bodies and relevant administrative units, and taking the required actions to approve it.

2.       Proposing draft implementation plans for the projects and programmes of different administrative units to the President for approval.

3.       Monitoring the implementation of the strategic plans and the executive plans of the Council, evaluating their results and providing regular reports on them.

4.       Studying the problems and obstacles faced by the strategic plan and executive plans and proposing appropriate solutions.

5.       Ensuring that work styles and methods are consistent with the Council's jurisdiction and objectives and proposing the required suggestions in this respect.

6.       Setting institutional performance assessment programmes to ensure the quality of services in the administrative units.

7.       Revising and evaluating the performance of the administrative units and submitting suggestions to improve their general efficiency.

8.       Studying work problems and obstacles, examining their causes and proposing appropriate solutions.

Proposing plans for the development of work styles and methods and simplifying procedures, in coordination with the competent bodies and relevant administrative units.​