The Human Resources Department has the following powers and duties:

  • Implementing the laws, regulations and systems related to employee affairs.
  • Identifying the Council's job and employee needs, in coordination with different administrative units.
  • Preparing draft job descriptions, classifications and ranks, and managing their implementation.
  • Preparing the draft section one budget, in coordination with the Finance Department.
  • Performing employee performance appraisal procedures.
  • Undertaking appointment, transfer, secondment and temporary assignment procedures.
  • Performing the transactions related to all kinds of employee leave, according to established regulations and rules, after approving them.
  • Preparing monthly payrolls, including employee entitlements and deductions.
  • Updating job details related to salaries, entitlements and deductions.
  • Identifying the training needs of Council staff, in coordination with different administrative units, managing their implementation and evaluating their benefits.
  • Updating the Council staff database.​

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