Training & Development Achievements 2013


S.N. Title Lecturer # of Participants Date Venue
1 English Language Mr Owen Conner 3 25/11/2012-17/1/2013 Hamad Bin Khalifah University
2 English Language Dr. Wafaa Amer 17 19/12/2012-6/2/2013 Supreme Judiciary Council
3 English Language (for women) Dr. Wafaa Amer 14 10-3-30/4/2013 Supreme Judiciary Council
4 Legal Process for Challenging Judgments through cassation

Judge Yahya Aref

Judge Ali Shakeeb

7 12-16/5/2013 Centre for Legal and Judicial Studies
5 Collection and receivable system and controlling government revenues Dr. Faisal Mohamed 7 2013/12/11-8 Qatar Finance and Business Academy
6 Miscellaneous - 40 2014/3/20-2013/10/1 Institute of Administrative Development


S.N. Workshop Title Lecturer Coordinator # of Participants Date Venue
1 Job Excellence and methods of achieving and upgrading performance quality Dr. Suhail Awad Saliha Al Azbah 45 13-14/3/2013 Supreme Judiciary Council
2 Secrets of success through self-motivation and job promotion Mr Mohamed Tawfiq Saliha Al Azbah 45 22/4/2013 Supreme Judiciary Council
3 Upgrading job performance Mr Khalid Saleh Saliha Al Azbah 45 29-30/5/2013 Supreme Judiciary Council
4 Unleashing creative potential and ideas at work Mr Jamil Al Nasser Saliha Al Azbah 45 30/6-1/7/2013 Supreme Judiciary Council
5 Miscellaneous     40   1/1-4/7/2013   Institute of Administrative Development
6 Quality and excellence skills Hussein Al Quaraishi Aiyshah Al Marikhi 45 2013/9/19-18 Supreme Judiciary Council
7 Secrets of success in managerial life Khalid Al Neema Mona Al Sulaiti 45 2013/11/12 Supreme Judiciary Council
8 Institutional loyalty and work ethics Akram Khitabeyyah Aiyshah Al Marikhi 45 2014/1/8-7 Supreme Judiciary Council