• Concluding the Judicial Training Course in the Canadian Capital

    14 December 2014

    ​A number of Qatari judges recently concluded a training course in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, organised by the Canadian National Judicial Institute. The training course included an introduction to the  Canadian justice system, discussion of its experience in dealing with the social context, faulty condemnation cases, scientific statements of specialists, evidence of witnesses and statements from third parties, in addition to deep searches about assessing the credibility of witnesses and the independence of the judiciary. The programme also included field visits to the Canadian Federal Supreme Court, Ontario Supreme Court and some of its courts of first instance. Judges attended trial sessions and met with some senior judges. The Canadian National Judicial Institute is the main body responsible for training Canadian judges throughout the country and has joint training programmes for judges with a number of Western and other countries. It is noteworthy that this is the first training programme for the Institute with an Arab country.