• Inauguration of the Supreme Judiciary Council’s New Website

    17 July 2013

    H.E. Mr Masoud Mohamed Al-Ameri, President of the Court of Cassation and President of the Supreme Judiciary Council, inaugurated the new version of the website of the Supreme Judiciary Council. The website includes different sections and various e-services, in addition to information about the Courts of Cassation, Appeal and First Instance. The list of e-services includes a search option by the case number to make it easy for litigants to monitor their cases and review the schedule of case hearings. The list also includes the names of lawyers, court assistants and marriage officials. The website provides forms for courts of different levels and the option to register for the “Ikhtar" (notification) service, which enables litigants to receive an SMS as a reminder for hearing dates. The website also includes guidelines to explain the procedures of litigation and frequently asked questions regarding the various phases of litigation.

    The website contains statistical reports and a special annual statistical statement, in addition to a section for court news, information about the different departments and divisions of the courts, such as the Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs and the achievements of the Training and Development Division, as well as a link for available job opportunities and a job application form.

    The new website includes specialised and varied judicial encyclopedias, which were prepared during the past period by a team of SJC judges and employees. Such encyclopedias include the encyclopedia of Qatari judicial provisions and principles, encyclopedia of Qatari litigation procedures, encyclopedia of Qatari legislation, encyclopedia of Gulf, Arab and foreign judicial provisions and principles, and encyclopedia of Gulf, Arab and foreign legislation. The operating system of these encyclopedias includes many search methods, enabling users to access the information contained in these encyclopedias as easily and quickly as possible.

    It is noteworthy that the development of the website was done through the efforts and expertise of a specialised team of SJC employees, including Amjad Mustafa Ibrahim, Abdullah Rashid Albueinin, Mariam Abdullah Al Esseri, Mohamed Merza, Mathew John and Bashir Mohamed Korlodi.