What is SJC E-Services Portal URL?
How can I get a copy of a Judgement?

You can get a judgement copy through e-services portal, you need to have a NAS account and you should be a party in the desired case, you can login to e-services portal, then search for the case using the case number, then go to details and download the judgement.

Do I need to register in e-services portal site to sign in ?

No need for registration, you can login to e-services portal using your NAS account

How can I get NAS account?

In order to have a NAS account , click on this link https://www.nas.gov.qa/self-service and then create a new account

What if I couldn’t find a specific service in the portal?

You can use the “ General Request Form

Do E-Services available for individuals?

Yes, Individuals can benefit from E-Services only if the individual is a case party

I can see the case in my account , but I can’t find it when I apply for a request?

It depends on the request type, some requests require certain case status to be submitted, in this case you can send an email to contact@sjc.gov.qa explaining your request

Can I register Civil cases through e-services portal?

Yes, Civil cases can be registered through e-services portal.

Can I register objection or appeal request through e-services?

Yes, these services are available in the portal

Can I pay the fees online?

Yes, online payment is available for all services in the portal.

This is a Lawyer office and I can’t find my cases in my account ?

You can send an email to contact@sjc.gov.qa and include these details( Case #, QID copy, copy of authorization document.

How can I submit a complaint or a query?

You can contact Phone # 44597777 or send an email to contact@sjc.gov.qa

I can’t login to e-services portal?

Contact 109 to update your information of NAS account.