The Employees Affairs Department has the following powers and duties:

1.       Performing the transactions related to all kinds of employee leave, according to established regulations and rules, after approving them.

2.       Conducting the procedures of granting, modifying and suspending different rises, rewards and allowances and preparing the required related notes, correspondences and draft decisions.

3.       Undertaking appointment, transfer, secondment and temporary assignment procedures.

4.       Preparing promotion regulations and taking the required actions, according to established rules in this respect.

5.       Maintaining a database for every employee that includes their personal and financial details and changing whatever is necessary of these data.

6.       Updating the personnel database.

7.       Following up and controlling employee attendance, according to established procedures.

8.       Preparing draft job descriptions, classifications and ranks and following up their implementation.

9.       Preparing the draft section one budget, in coordination with the Finance Department.

Performing employee performance appraisal procedures.​